What is an Endermologie?

An Endermologie is a non-surgical cellulite treatment that also improves circulation. It works through massages and rollers. A minimum of 6 to 10 treatments are recommended and will usually last a few months. During the procedure the patient will wear a body stocking and the therapist will use a hand held device on the area. Treatment lasts approximately 35-45 minutes and most patients choose to have 1 to 2 treatments per week.

Endermologie can only offer temporary results and you must keep receiving treatment in order to maintain any improvement you have. This can be a strain on your purse and your time.

Temporary Results

What does work?

At effronté, we are happy to offer Cellfina. It is the longest lasting fda cleared cellulite treatment. This procedure requires only one treatment and minimal downtime for you. We understand the frustration of trying product after product without any significant results and that you have a busy life with more important things to worry. Learn more about the Cellfina treatment and if it is right for you!

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