Cellulite Treatment in Colleyville, Texas

You should not have to suffer from hating a part of your body. If you do not like your cellulite or if it is making you self-conscious, get rid of it! Say goodbye to cellulite and Cellfina can help the woman in Colleyville, Texas to feel more confident in their skin! 

Cellulite Treatment in Colleyville, TX

Cellulite is a common cosmetic skin condition that appears on the surface of the skin as dimples, dents and bumps. It is most commonly found in the thigh and buttocks area; and, is more common in women than it is in men. Approximately 90% of women between the ages of 25-60 experience cellulite.

Cellulite Creams

Although it is visible, cellulite is not a surface issue and cannot be resolved with external treatments. This surprises many people due to the many lotions and creams that claim to cure cellulite. While these DIY treatments, coffee scrubs and tanning lotions can help lessen the appearance of cellulite, they cannot offer permanent or long-lasting solutions.

Coffee Scrubs

Caffeine helps shrink cells by dehydrating them. Coffee scrubs must be applied daily to keep up the effects. Similar to cellulite creams, these scrubs cannot address the underlying factors of cellulite because it’s an external treatment.

Tanning Lotions

Tanning your skin or using a tanning lotion can help with the appearance of your cellulite. If your skin is darker it can make the cellulite less visible. This can be helpful for some forms of cellulite, like wavey cellulite, but less effective camouflaging the dimpled form of cellulite. Though, camouflaging your cellulite is not a real solution and in order to keep up any results you see you have to continuously keep up with it.

Diet and Exercise

Cellulite will not go away on its own. Diet, weight loss and lotions can help the appearance of cellulite, but they cannot completely solve the problem.

Cellfina Can Help!

The Cellfina device combines state-of-the-art technology with a procedure called Subcision to deliver a long-term cellulite remedy. Subcision is a procedure that is also used to treat wrinkles and scars. It is a precise process that works by inserting a special hypodermic needle into the skin, disconnecting the fibrous bands (which connect your skin to the underlying muscle), and allows your skin to bounce back smooth.

This one time procedure requires minimal discomfort and minimal downtime. This treatment is great for the women of Colleyville, Texas who want real results!

What Can I Expect from Cellfina?

Your Effronté doctor will make sure you feel comfortable and prepared for your Cellfina procedure. They may advise you to come prepared with compression garments, such as yoga pants, to wear after.  

                  The procedure will go like this:

                                          1) Your doctor will mark your dimpled areas.  

                                          2) A suction cup will be place on the marked areas to stabilize the skin and stretch out the fibrous bands.  

                                          3) A numbing agent will be injected. Some patients have expressed some pain during this step.  

                                          4) A small needle will be inserted into the skin and will cut the bands.

After the procedure many patients are able to drive themselves home. There are no serious side effects associated with Cellfina, though some patients have experienced some brief soreness, tenderness or bruising.

Contact your provider in Colleyville, Texas to learn if Cellfina is right for you!

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