Cellulite Treatment in Artesia, NM

When is the last time you wore a bikini to the beach? Is cellulite holding you back and making you insecure when you are trying to enjoy yourself? Effronté can help the women of Artesia, New Mexico looking for an effective cellulite treatment!

Cellulite is a common cosmetic skin condition that can be hard to hide. It appears in dents, dimples, and waves and most commonly forms on the thighs and buttocks areas. Although there are multitudes of of cellulite treatment products that can be found online, there are unable to produce lasting results.

Cellulite Creams

Cellulite is not a surface issue and cannot be fixed with topographic solutions. Although there are a lot of lotions and creams that claim to tighten and smooth your skin, they are unable to deliver long-lasting results. Instead, some reduce the appearance of your cellulite, but those results last only as long as you are using the product. This can become a strain on the wallet and just adds another step to your daily routine.

Cellfina can deliver long lasting results!

For the women on Artesia, New Mexico, who no longer want to feel embarrassed by their cellulite and want to be able to enjoy smooth skin, Cellfina can help. Cellfina is an innovative minimally invasive cellulite treatment. It is a small hand-held device that targets the root issue which form cellulite. This precise process works by targeting the connective bands under the skin as opposed to attempting external treatment. The Cellfina system has been proven to improve the appearance of cellulite, especially for the thighs and buttocks.  

What to Expect:

After making an appointment with Renewed Wellness, your provider will discuss the treatment and what it can do for you. Your provider will make sure you feel comfortable and prepared for your Cellfina procedure. The procedure will go like this:

                         1) Your provider will mark your dimpled areas.  

                         2) A suction cup will be place on the marked areas to stabilize the skin and stretch out the fibrous bands.  

                         3) A numbing agent will be injected. Some patients have expressed some pain during this step.  

                         4) A small needle will be inserted into the skin and will cut the bands.

There are no serious side effects associated with Cellfina, though some patients have experienced some brief soreness, tenderness or bruising. Most patients are able to drive themselves home after the procedure and return to their normal daily activities soon after.

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