cellulite treatment


is caused by connective bands woven throughout the natural layer of fat below your skin. These bands connect your skin to the muscle below, and if they tighten irregularly, can cause the fat surrounding to bulge out which creates dimples on your skin. Although it is visible, it is not a surface issue and cannot be resolved with external treatments. This surprises many people due to the many lotions and creams on the market that claim to cure cellulite. While these DIY treatments, coffee scrubs and tanning lotions can sometimes lessen the appearance of cellulite, they cannot offer permanent or long-lasting results.

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What about coffee scrubs? 

Caffeine can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, but it is temporary. Caffeine helps shrink cells by dehydrating them. Coffee scrubs must be applied daily to keep up its effects. These scrubs cannot address the underlying factors of cellulite because it’s a topical treatment.

What about diet and exercise?  

While a healthy diet and exercise are good for you, they cannot reduce your cellulite. Weight does not cause cellulite and even women who are in great shape suffer from it. Although losing weight is not a cure, it could help reduce the appearance of it. Though that is not always the case, some women who have lost weight have have noticed that their cellulite got worse, due to a problem with skin laxity.


Considering liposuction as a cure for cellulite is a very common idea, but unfortunately, it is not a viable treatment option. The main goal of liposuction is to remove excess fat from parts of the body. While this may seem like a good solution to cellulite, but, liposuction alone can often make cellulite look worse.  

It seems to follow that using liposuction in these areas would decrease the fat and therefore decrease your cellulite. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Cellulite forms when the fibrous bands below your skin tighten, and the fat cells surrounding them bulge out, causing the rippling appearance on your skin. If excess fat is removed, but the fibrous bands are left untreated, it can cause the skin to concave, still leaving wavy, dimpled skin.  

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