Cellulite in Colleyville, Texas


It is a cosmetic skin condition, sometimes referred to as orange peel syndrome or ‘dimply’ skin syndrome. It is not necessarily harmful to a person, but it does cause a lot on insecurities in those it affects. Cellulite affects about 90% of women. It is not something that will go away on its own, and while diet and exercise are good practices, they will not be able to make a significant change in the appearance of your cellulite. Weight does not determine who experiences cellulite or not, even the leanest of women can have cellulite.  

Although cellulite appears on the surface of your skin, it is a structural issue that cannot be fixed with topographic creams or lotions. Cellulite forms when the fibrous bands that connect your skin to the underlying muscle fascia tighten and pull down your skin, creating bulges and waves. Luckily for the women of Colleyville, Texas, there is a long-term solution.  

What Causes Cellulite in Colleyville, Texas?

The exact cause of cellulite is unknown, but many experts agree that genetics, weight loss, a sedentary or stressful lifestyle and hormones/hormonal contraceptives are all factors. Cellulite gets worse during times of high estrogen levels.  

How Does It Form?

Cellulite is formed due to tightened fibrous bands making the natural layer of fat that surrounds it to bulge out. The fibrous bands, also called ‘septae’, connect your skin to underlying muscle and fascia.  

Will It Go Away If I Lose Weight?

While a good diet and consistent exercise is important to a healthy lifestyle, it will not make your cellulite go away. Weight is not a significant factor for cellulite, even the leanest of women can have it. Although it may sound intuitive that losing weight would get rid of your cellulite, the fibrous bands are the actual cause. So losing weight could cause your skin to dip and make your cellulite look worse.

Can you get rid of Cellulite in Colleyville, Texas?

For the women in Colleyville, Texas, there is now a long-term, minimally-invasive treatment for your cellulite. Effronté is pleased to offer the Cellfina treatment.

Cellfina is the longest FDA cleared treatment for cellulite. It uses a procedure called subcision to address the underlying causes of cellulite and its results last for at least three years. It is minimally invasive, requires minimal downtime and is a one-time 45-minute procedure with durable results.  

Subcision is a process that inserts a small needle into the skin and disconnects the fibrous bands. Fibrous bands, also called septae, connect the skin to underlying muscle fascia, and they are surrounded by a natural layer of fat. Cellulite forms when these bands tighten unnaturally and cause the fat to bugle up. Subcision is also commonly used to treat wrinkles and scars.  

Why should women in Colleyville, Texas choose Cellfina?

If you want a renewed sense of confidence in your body and smoother skin, you should consider Cellfina. It is a safe and effective one-time procedure that offers significant and rapid improvement with minimal hassle.  

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