butt dimples

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What causes butt dimples?

Cellulite forms when the fibrous bands under your skin tighten irregularly, causing the natural layer of fat surrounding it to bulge up. The tightened bands cause the dimpling on the butt, and other areas of the body. Although the fat is what bulges, it is the tightened bands that are the ultimate cause of the dimples; because of this, losing weight will not rid you of these dimples. Topical solutions, such as lotions and creams, are also unable to resolve this issue. Cellulite is a structural problem and must be treated at the underlying cause.

Are butt dimples permanent?

Cellulite can manifest in many different ways, it does not look the same on everybody and can look different depending on where it forms. For many women, cellulite appears as dimple on their butt. These dimples can be very frustrating, especially during bikini season. Although there are a lot of exercises that claim to smooth out your butt, you will not be able to booty blast these butt dimples away. They also will not go away on their own. effronté can help!

These dimples will not go away by losing weight or by using any lotions. The most effective and long lasting solution for these dimples is the Cellfina device. It treats the dimples at their underlying cause below your skin and can give you real results. Learn more about Cellfina here.

Before and After results with Cellfina

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