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Our goal at Effronté is to make women feel more confident with their bodies. We want you to feel comfortable wearing whatever you want, whether it be bikinis, tight clothing, or high hemlines. You shouldn’t feel like you need to dress to cover your insecurities.  

We understand how frustrating it is to try anti-cellulite product after anti-cellulite product and seeing little to no result. You should not have to worry about how your legs look in pictures or worry about butt dimples when wearing your bikini. We want women to be able to just have fun and know that they look good. 

Effronté is the French word for cheeky. We picked this name because we thought it was a good description of both the clothes you’ll dare to wear and the bold energy you’ll radiate while wearing those clothes.

no turning back

Are you tired of dressing to hide your cellulite? We have a solution for you! At Effronté, we are happy to offer a long-term, minimally invasive procedure that creates amazing, and smooth results!

Check out some of the before and after pictures of patients who have been treated!

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With Cellfina

Cellfina has helped many women of all ages and sizes achieve amazing results. Cellulite can be an embarrassing and annoying problem without an easy solution, until now! While lotions and creams are unable to cure you of your cellulite, with just one easy treatment, Cellfina can produce long-lasting results.

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